Grant Build instruction

1  forwords

All eduvax's java developpements use a common build process.

See eduvax's java build page (not yet available) for more information. There is explained why gmake and shell scripts are still used as main build process manager.

2  Required envionnement

Tested operationnal with various linux (main developpement host is debian 3.1), and windows using cygwin.

3  Build steps

Official source disitibution include the generated Makefile, so build process stands in one commande :

make dist.bin

This produces the final jar binary file (net.eduvax.grant.X.Y.Z.jar)

When Makefile is missing, it can be generated from the package descriptor file using an xslt processorand the dedicated stylesheet :

xsltproc jmakefile.xsl src/package.xml > Makefile

Then the normal building process usign the make command can be achived.